ABOUT Maya  D. Tyler 

In 2018 it finally clicked.  All of my experiences, from my relationships and years of mentoring, to teaching life skills, starting women empowerment groups and coaching students through college have been preparing me for a profound purpose: Empowerment Coaching.


With a bachelor's and master's degree in Communications, I've always valued the power of words.  Everyday we use our words to speak life or death into ourselves and others.  What we say and how we say it plays a major role in the outcomes that we experience daily. I want to teach others how to use their words to be more effective and also how to listen. 


My desire is to help people seek, understand and fulfill their God-given purpose. My passion for helping people started as early as elementary school when I was a peer mediator and has continued to grow and flourish throughout life.  I mentored a young lady for years and in 2013 I co-founded a mentoring and talent-development organization, T.R.E.N.D Inc. (Talent, Respect & Education Never Die).  In addition, I've started a group for women who want God's best in their relationships, Queens with Rings, and lead a youth group at church, G.L.O.W. (Godly Ladies of Worth).

Professionally, I teach a weekly class to high school girls about essential life skills, I coach students on how to be successful post high school graduation, and I am an adjunct-instructor at Stevenson University.  Learning from my personal journey and professional experiences, I am ready to help others live a life of purpose, promise and prosperity. 


© 2018 Proudly created by Maya Tyler. 

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