Meet Maya 

MyOhMy Designs

Not only do I go by MyOhMy on social media, but I want  "my oh my" to be the sentiments of my clients after I make their ideas come to life. 


I have worked with clients in various industries including beauty, restaurant, health, photography, music and more. My goal remains the same - Let's  execute  with excellence.

Whether I am designing a logo, clothing apparel, a podcast cover, business cards, or a social media campaign, I want all of my clients to have a product with which they can feel confident. I always say, "I'm not done until you love it!"

With a master's degree in Communications Management, and a bachelor's degree in Business Communication, I understand the importance of appropriate branding to support an idea, organization or business.  In addition, I teach these concepts to college students as an adjunct professor in the communications department.


Therefore, I am happy to serve my clients as a brand manager to assist in building a brand that is visually appealingappropriate for your target audience and effectively communicates the message that you want your audience to receive.

Let me help you execute your vision with excellence.